The 17th China (Zhengzhou) International Aftermarket Expo Open On June 26

On May 28, Goforbrakes learned that the 17th China (Zhengzhou) International Aftermarket Expo (CIAAF Zhengzhou Exhibition) will open at the Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center from June 26 to 28.

The 17th China (Zhengzhou) International Aftermarket Expo will open on June 26

With the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic worldwide, this exhibition has adopted strict preventive measures.

In addition to the special infrared temperature monitoring access equipment for immunization, the admission system for the exhibition will also adopt a real-name system. Also, the organizing committee will prepare sufficient masks and sterilizing materials to ensure a safe, and comfortable event for the consumption of automobile products.

The exhibition is composed of automobile products exhibition, automobile beauty exhibition, and interior and exterior car tuning exhibition.

So far, the preparatory work has proceeded smoothly. The exhibition area reaches 80% of the planned area, and more than 1,000 enterprises have signed up for the exhibition. Among them, dozens of leading industry enterprises have become new exhibitors for this year’s exhibition. Some enterprises that did not participate in the exhibition last year have re-participated in the exhibition this year.

At present, the number of pre-registered professional viewers has exceeded 60,000. This exhibition is expected to have an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters.

With more variety of goods to be displayed, and more professional content. It is expected that 2000 renowned manufacturers will be present. To provide more than 100,000 wholesalers, dealers, 4S store dealers, retail stores, e-commerce platforms, and so on, many new products, new technologies, new projects, industry trends, and market information.

China (Zhengzhou) International Aftermarket Market Exposition has been the industry’s standard for 15 years.

The “CIAAF Zhengzhou Exhibition” is based on automotive products, covering 2,000 TAP invited buyers, more than 10,000 automobile after-market production and service enterprises, more than 500 closely co-operative media and business associations, and more than 100,000 loyal and professional viewers, covering the entire industrial chain of the automobile after-market, a vast range of industry-specific data resources, full-range push channels, and accurate and efficient TAP Diamond Buyer Business Matching services are sure to lead the Midwestern automotive market in its full line.

It is understood that this exhibition not only pays attention to brand upgrading but also more attention to the interests of participating enterprises.

  1. First of all, we pay attention to “controlling the source” and formulate a strict system for the examination and approval of the entry of merchants.
  2. Second, “model innovation”; joint efforts to create the post-automobile market industrial zone in China, create an unprecedented new “double-show” model of online cloud exhibition + offline real-world exhibition, and integrate the entire industry chain of the automobile Aftermarket perfectly. From the exhibition hall, a business interface center, matching center, a VIP area, a news center, and a forum event area are set up.
[su_heading]“New Products, New Layout, New Planning”, The 17th International Aftermarket exhibition of China (Zhengzhou), was completely opened.[/su_heading]

This exhibition has created an unprecedented new “double show” model of “online cloud show + offline live show”, effectively integrating the entire industry chain of the automotive market. During the exhibition, the “cloud show” “cloud docking” “cloud negotiation” “cloud signing” and other ecological chains of online cloud exhibitions will be brought to the exhibition. The organizers are committed to becoming an online cloud exhibition platform. Exhibitors can focus on maintaining their old customers and expanding their new customers.

Also, the 2020 “CIAAF Zhengzhou Exhibition” continued to expand the invitation channels for domestic and foreign professional buyers, especially by increasing the offered service for group buyers.

At this year’s exhibition, the organizing committee of the exhibition invited the Yiwu Foreign Trade Group, the European-American Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other professional buyers of foreign trade to join the exhibition.

Faced with many groups of e-commerce platforms in the automobile aftermarket, the 2020 CIAAF Zhengzhou Exhibition sincerely invites the e-commerce platforms of the Jingdong, Taobao, Alibaba, and automobile Aftermarket industries.

The exhibition hopes to attract e-commerce buyers and super-channel buyers such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, large-scale business group, and Dennis to visit and group purchase, and to promote the purchase and sale of orders between the buyer and the seller. Create an international, high-standard, high-quality automotive Aftermarket circle.

In Conclusion:

Henan is not only a big province for automobile consumption, but also a big province in the fields of automobile parts and components, automobile supplies production, manufacture, and circulation. It has broad market consumption prospects and is a potential red sea area in the automobile Aftermarket.

Henan Province Expo Bureau jointly hosted China (Zhengzhou) International Auto Post Market Fair. The aim is to further enhance the level of branding, specialization, and marketing of the exhibition through government support, industry associations, enterprise-led, and market integration mechanisms. Guiding the healthy development of the automobile market, activating the vitality of the market, expanding consumer demand, and helping Zhengzhou gradually develop the famous city of the international exhibition.