Project Description

Lazy Hubs

which is also called unbraked hubs,that are commonly used on light duty trailer axle,with the axle capacity up to 2000kgs.Lazy hubs are the backbones of the trailer,camper and caravans bodies.generally they are finished with Black Coating, Natural or Hot-Dipped Galvanized.

At Goforbrakes China,we offer a wide range of hubs,servicing customers from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.we are proud to say the idler hubs are all machined on our own factory with precise Casting and CNC equipments in Shandong, China. our hubs are made of HT250 high grade casting tech,to produce the highest quality realizable for Caravan,Trailer market

Our available hubs are suit most studs patterns,like Ford,Land Cruiser,Holden HT,HQ,Commodore,Datsun.trailer hubs also can be installed with LM,SL bearings sets.Our hubs are always use high temperature grease seals,to make sure it will not liquefy anytime

lazy hubs for trailers,caravan,campers

Available Coatings

natural finished

Natural Finished

Zinc plated brake hub

Zinc Plated



Black Paint

Black Painted

galvanized wheel hub from china supplier


Please view our available items below, if what you are after does not appear below please contact us to discuss.

Ford S/L (5 x 114.3 PCD 1/2 studs)
Ford L/M (5 x 114.3 PCD 1/2 studs)
HT Holden S/L (5 x 108 PCD 7/16 studs)
HT Holden L/M (5 x 108 PCD 7/16 studs)
HQ Holden S/L (5 x 120.65 PCD 7/16 studs)
HQ Holden L/M (5 x 120.65 PCD 7/16 studs)
Commodore S/L (5 x 120 PCD 7/16 studs)
Land Cruiser S/L (6 x 139.7 PCD 7/16 studs)
Land Cruiser L/M (6 x 139.7 PCD 7/16 studs)
Mini L/M (4 x 100 PCD 7/16 studs)

What are SL & LM bearings?

Dimensions Part Bearing N0
LM(Holden)Bearings Inner Bearing ID:31.75mm Cup/Race LM67010
Cone/Bearing LM67048
Outer Bearing IF:19.05mm Cup/Race LM11910
Cone/Bearing LM11949
SL(Ford)Bearings Inner Bearing ID:34.925mm Cup/Race LM68110
Cone/Bearing LM68149
Outer Bearing ID:21.986 Cup/Race LM12710
Cone/Bearing LM12749