Project Description

hub disc, bearing disc rotor china manufacturer
  • Part Number: G161545

  • Material: Cast Iron

  • Main market: USA,Australia,UK,Netherland,German
  • Packing:Pallet Packaging, or According to Request
  • Origin place:Qingdao, Shandong, China
  • Keywords:Dacromet Hub Disc

  • Acceptable Payment Way: TT,L/C,& D/P
  • Free samples can provided for evaluating

12inch 6studs Land Cruiser Dacromet Hub Disc

China finished dacromet vented disc rotors

China finished dacromet vented disc rotors

JingHeng Auto Parts Industry is one of the most trusted and leading professional brake parts manufacture and supplier in many developed countries around the world. The company is highly reputed and widely acclaimed in the world for manufacturing and supplying quality disc brakes in OE and Aimco Numbers,truck disc,ventilated,slotted and drilled rotors for boat trailer, caravan, camper,car,auto aftermarket

This Dacromet ventilated integrated hub rotor has a range of spare parts,they are all in well quality,it has a excellent corrosion resistance in the salt spray test and Heat resistance that the salt water testing time could be over 500 hours. we also could offer other surface coatings choices,like Hot Dip Galvanized,Zinc and Raw,everyone has it’s own advantages and different applications,if you want to know more,please click here to view.

We take great care of the overall control of quality and efficiency in the production,and what we focus are fully meet customer’s demand with integrity,we are happy and lucky that we have the OEM manufacturing service for US,CA,UK and AU customers for years,and we are willing to try our best to give you a hand when you are sourcing products from china.

12inch land cruiser dacromet hub disc china
China Dacromet Hub Rotor Brakes Supplier
6studs dacromet disc brakes manufacturer

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