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Are you looking for a manufacturer-based supplier of stainless steel p disc brake rotors, and any other stainless steel casting products for the best anti-corrosion result?

We recommend ourselves to you as a professional supplier of stainless steel products made of 304 material.

We can offer international sizes and standards for those stainless steel parts mentioned above, and we also can make any kind of one according to your request using Precision Casting tech.

Besides, we have a wide products range, which are widely used in other different industries, including valves, machinery,marine hardware, instruments, sports equipment, and other types of stainless steel precision
casting and machining parts.

stainless steel products



Our factory has automatic wax injection machine which is
imported from Japan,Spectrometer,CNC machine work
shop,High frequency induction furnace and other 100
sets of precision casting and machining equipments.
but most important advantages is our quality control
ability,because we have years of cooperation with overseas famous brand companies.

And also our customers are from worldwide,like US,
Japan,Australia,South Korea,EU,Southeast Asia and
other countries and regions.

As a professional manufacturer of stainless steel smelting
furnace (sol)precision casting, we can make nearly any
parts, available from 10g to 80kg, and Irregular shapes
according to drawings or samples provided by
customers. we sincerely welcome your inquiry, please click
here to leave us a message, we will try our best to get
back to you with valuable information. and we welcome
your visit to our home page of the website to find more
available cheap auto parts and boat trailer parts for
trailer,caravan,car and marine applications.