History Of Great Wall Pickup Truck, and New Model Launched Great Wall Cannon

The development of the “pickup truck” of the Great Wall Motor for 30 years

  This year is the 30-year period when the Great Wall Motor was founded. It has been going all the way, from nothing, from weak to strong, and has interpreted the glory of China’s autonomous brand of automobiles with tenacity. The start-up” with pickup truck has a special historical period for private enterprises, and even more, has the wisdom of not forgetting the first heart and making new ways.

From 1998 to the present, the sale of the Great Wall pickup truck has been the number one in the country for 20 consecutive years, with the cumulative market holding capacity of over 1.7 million, resulting in high, medium and low, diesel and petrol varieties. Multi-sized product line; in the international market, with its unique competitiveness, explore and topple the way for the internationalization strategy of the Great Wall Automobile.

Don’t forget your initial heart, always! The Great Wall Motor started with pickup truck making and grew up in SUV, developing into a leading independent brand that is now a group-based and internationalized.

“I want to try the off-road version of the Great Wall cannon! Since the launch of the Great Wall cannon last year, we have been paying attention to the gun, considering that it was not very efficient to use due to road restrictions. Finally, I chose to buy the low quad-drive petrol version, which is mainly used for field driving.” Mr. Zhao, an employee of a large state-owned enterprise, said. As a field-driven enthusiast, he tried Zhengzhou’s Nissan pickup and JEEP herders one after another. He talked about the off-road version recently launched by the Great Wall cannon. He was quite adamant: “The configuration is very high, the data indicators are outstanding. Ford and other North American mid-sized pickup trucks.”

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On June 5, the Great Wall cannon Off-Road pickup truck was officially put on the market

The pickup truck is used for field self-driving. In recent years, the “traveling friends” has gradually become popular. Judging from the information collected and feedback: On the one hand, the utility of the pickup trucks and the price-performance ratio is very high. In particular, the consumption of mid- and low-end off-road pickup trucks is changing from the previous commercial to home use. On the other hand, many Beijing, The “traveling friends” of the first-line cities in Shanghai will also make some tuning to purchase the pickup truck. “It is similar to the previous idea of ‘playing’ off-road SUVs.”

The pickup truck wave has gradually begun, taking into account the commercial use of the passenger industry, and is active in the “traveling friends.” These new features, needs, and changes are “captured” by the Great Wall cars. I can see clearly that China’s pickup truck has gone through the era of 1.0 to 3.0. In the era of 1.0, pickup trucks are mainly used for freight forwarding. In the 2.0 multi-purpose commercial era, pickup trucks are mainly commercial and take advantage of multiplication. In the 3.0 multi-purpose multiplication era, pickup truck show multiplication, intelligence, and networking. The ‘Great Wall cannon’ series launched by the Great Wall Motors is the first product in the 3.0 multi-purpose multiplication era.” Zhang Haobo, deputy general manager of Great Wall Motor Sales Company, said in an interview with the China Economic Network.

Hundreds of billions of revenue, millions of sales, comprehensive layout at home and abroad, brand values, Attracting the world’s top high-end vehicle partners… After 30 years of development, Great Wall Motors has become a central force in China’s automobile industry today, from nothing to all, from weak to strong, with tenacity, The tenacity of the hard work demonstrates the glory of China’s autonomous brand cars.

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But all of this starts with a pickup truck. In the 1980s, china’s reform and opening-up began. An active and dynamic private economy, like the seeds of soil-breaking, quickly takes root in every corner. Even so, in the automobile industry, which has always been concerned with “planning,” “private car-making” is still a distant and unstoppable night. It was not until the mid-1990s that the private economy was encouraged to enter the automobile making.

In 1990, when Wei Jianjun, who was only 26 years old, took over the disorderly construction of the Great Wall Industrial Company (the predecessor of the Great Wall Motor Company), more business was found in the “automobile tuning”. When Wei Jianjun first came out to the company, he had to face a complicated living environment. On the land of Hebei province, there were numerous automobile tuning plants. “Fake” was a unique label of that era. How to open up new undertakings in such a chaotic industry is a question for consideration before Wei Jianjun.

To obtain a “car making license” and to make a real car, it was almost impossible for private enterprises to exceed it based on the industrial policy of the time. By contrast, the pickup truck is more regarded as a “tool-car,” and policy control is not strict. Wei Jianjun has sensitively seized this opportunity and has thus started with pickup trucks making”.

Through in-depth research into the market, Great Wall Motors finally chose to make a pickup truck into the automotive making business, opening a chapter in the history of the production and sale of automobile products at Great Wall Motors. In March 1996, the Great Wall’s first pickup truck, Deere, officially went offline. In just one year, Deir Picca sold 1,700 units, and quickly built 200 marketing service networks, leading the implementation of the dealer agency market selling model in China.

The Great Wall’s first pickup truck – Deere

In an interview, Wei Jianjun recalled: There were few “decent” products for the autonomous brand at that time. Building a car was everyone’s dream, but only if we survive  then we can develop. A pickup truck is something that we can do and do well. We must seize this market opportunity. This also provides a solid foundation for making the SUV in the future.

Work harder, make further steps

As the saying goes, everything is hard to get started. Before “getting involved” with the pickup, Wei Jianjun, and the Great Wall Motors also experienced attempts and exploration. When first entering the car tuning market, the first batch of “Great Wall cars” were manually assembled through the purchase of chassis. For one time, the market response was good. However, due to the state’s automobile industry policy, it was unable to obtain the “catalog” and had to cut it off.

the pickup truck has allowed the Great Wall to develop and expand its automobile business, and pickup truck is a key product category of the Great Wall Motors. “For more than 20 years, the Great Wall pickup truck has become the representative of China’s branded cars. A pickup truck is not only a kind of cost on wheels but also a value creation on the wheel. It serves all sectors of society, creates value for society, and creates a good life for its owners.” Zhang Haohao said.

Indeed, in the process of growing large and strong, the Great Wall Motor Company may have insisted on its initial enthusiasm, and never cut off its pick-up truck series, even though the pick-up truck market volume is relatively small in size. As the policy restrictions of the pickup truck across the country have become smaller, this unremarkable piece of “cake” is growing up as a brand new growth point for the Great Wall Motor. Perhaps this is the best reward for the Great Wall Motor.

Great Wall Car High-end pickup truck – Great Wall cannon

According to the data released publicly by Great Wall Automobile, in January-May this year, the total sales of Great Wall car pickup (including Windchun and Great Wall cannon) amounted to 69174 units, compared with the total sales of 313061 units, accounting for approximately 22.1% of the total sales. Under the influence of adverse factors such as the epidemic pressure, it has become an important “selling power” to support the overall sales of the Great Wall cars. In recent years, domestic pickup truck sales have begun to rise, thanks to consumption upgrading, demand upgrading, and policy relaxation (policies including forbidding entering downtown, reflective strips and body letters spraying, and “double license” policies). “As far as the Great Wall cannon is concerned, the lifting of the ban on Chongqing, Jinan, and other markets is a timely and convenient place, which will bring greater market space to them and allow more and more families to enjoy the joy of their pickup truck life.” Zhang Haobaoo said.

Great Wall pickup sales in the past five years

Also, the Great Wall pickup truck has achieved remarkable selling results in the international market. The data show that from 1998 to the present, the sale of the Great Wall pickup truck has been the number one in the country for 20 years. the cumulative market holding has exceeded 1.7 million units, resulting in high, medium and low levels, and a variety of diesel and petrol. Multi-size product lines. Xu Haidong, the deputy chief engineer of China Automobile Association, said in an interview with a reporter from the Economic Daily-China Economic Network that pickup truck is a relatively segmented market overseas. The Great Wall Automobile has brought into play its unique advantages and explored and achieved the international “leader”

At present, the strategy of globalization of Great Wall automobiles has been implemented in an all-round way, and global research and development and production layout have been formed, that is, the “9+5” globalization structure. And over 500 quality dealer networks have been established in more than 60 countries, with products selling to every corner of the world. Overseas factories, including the Tarigaoka factory in India and Rayong Fuk factory in Thailand, are in the start-up period. They will further assist the Great Wall pickup truck in its global layout, enabling global R&D, global manufacturing, and global sharing