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GoforBrakes: CHINA Suspensions,Axle,Brakes Parts #1 Supplier

With Over 100+ Trailer builders and importers, Goforbrakes is a most complete and trusted Top Related Parts Supplier in The Community.

What Else? We Have The Best Material and Quality Standard

  • Iron Casting Material Standard:

    1) Material are all according to US-G3000,HT250 along with US-ASTM standards.Cast iron is widely accepted material for hubs,rotors,it has superior wear characteristics at high temperatures,compared to other types of steel,It will not warp.certainly if you have special requirement,304 stainless steel is best of all.
    2) Surface tensile strength ≥ 245N/mm2, hardness BH ≥ 187-241;
    3) Chemical composition as following:C:3.0-3.3% Si:1.8-2.2% Mn:0.6-0.9% S≤0.12% P≤0.15% Cu:0.2-0.4% Cr:0.15-0.25%

  • Finished Products Standard:

    1) Should not have any casting flaws, Scratch or collision damages on the surface.
    2) All burrs, edges and corners shall be clean, and shall not leave traces of black and rough machining casting
    3) Rotor surface flatness is less than 0.04mm; while the parallelism is less than 0.06mm, runout within 0.1mm,this is our regular runout for every order from our customer.

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  • Casting Standard:

    1) Dimensional tolerance of casting according to GB6416-86
    2) Casting surface roughness meet GB606.1-85 standard requirement
    3) Non-processing casting surface must have no gas-hole, sand hole and other casting flaws

Packing & Loading

brake drums bulk packing
carton box brake parts packing
Container loading picturers

Bulk packing with plastic wrapped.cardboard Interlayered

Carton boxes available with logos and print

Standard taking pictures process,to clear the loadings before shipping

Our Proven Working Process Results


You are always welcomed to contact us any time,we are 7×24 ready as a trailer hubs manufacturer,no matter your possible order quantity,


We analysis the parts you need,check from our curreny available ones,try to use any sources available to make it cheaper and stable


Samples will be executed as soon as the drawings are clear enough.samples are always necessary,it is a test and guarantee to our customers


Mass production only be placed after customers satisfaction,and also deposit.We will check the every work process,quality is first.


Production schedule and delivery time will be showed to customers days in advance.we can do FOB or deliver to your door place