Choosing the Right Boat Trailer

Choosing the Right Boat Trailer

Getting the right boat trailer is an art as one size does not fits all. One must fit the boat with utmost attention and care to the correct trailer which would be connected to the towing vehicle. The following tips might come handy to you.

The trailer’s maximum load weight should be 90% of the boat weight along with its fuel tank loaded fully combined with all the additional gears. There are many boaters who opt for a trailer after taking into consideration only the boat’s weight and ignoring the full fuel tank and additional gears.
The trailer and towing vehicle should have compatible brake turns/light signal couplers and hitches, if situation arises. There have been many instances where the trailer has come free off the vehicle when a too small ball hitch has been put to use as it does not latches in place defeating the entire purpose of security.
The tongue weight of the trailer is equally important and only 7-10% of the combined weight of the trailer and fueled boat should be on the tongue. This weight can be the cause of dangerously swaying the trailer while towing as well as making the trailer drag on the ground in cases of lower and higher weights as mentioned before.
Many states don’t mandate the trailers to maintain a certain weight; normally 2500 lbs would be fine. However, checking on the state’s trailer licensing requirements won’t take much of your time along with the requirements for state’s brake and trailer light. Checking with your local Department of Motor Vehicles would give you comprehensive information about boat trailers and the stuff related to it.

Pre-Departure Checklist

Make sure you’ve all inflated tires and take a closer look at them which might reveal some cracked or dry rots.
Ensure the brake lights and turn signals are functioning right.
To avoid slipping of trailer and hitches, use two rust-free safety chains in good condition for connecting your towing vehicle and trailer. In case of plastic covered chains, avoid getting water inside them as it will be difficult to know if they are rusting or not.
Running through a required safety equipment check to ensure you have all the things needed is advisable.

Buying a Boat Trailer

Buying a good quality boat trailer is a must to ensure your boat’s safety during transit as well as during storage. Buying of a boat trailer stretches beyond the fact of just being a necessity, it’s a commitment you make for the security and protection of your boat in terms of cost as well.

Frame Size: The trailer should be large enough to fit your boat otherwise, it would be rendered useless. The size of the keel should also be considered along with deciding whether you want some protruding fins from your trailer or not. In case, you want the fins, make sure your trailer has the required supportive frame that lifts up the boat during transportation for the boat’s safety.

Waterproofing: It’s very important for your trailer to be adequately waterproof depending upon the type of waters, to prevent rusting of structure and causing damage to the lights and frame. However, different types of proofing are needed for fresh water and sea water environments.

Tires: Tire size isn’t that much crucial in boat trailers but buoyant tires are mostly chosen to have a controlled and smooth transit experience.