History Of Great Wall Pickup Truck, and New Model Launched Great Wall Cannon

The development of the “pickup truck” of the Great Wall Motor for 30 years   This year is the 30-year period when the Great Wall Motor was founded. It has been going all the way, from nothing, from weak to strong, and has interpreted the glory of China’s autonomous brand of automobiles with tenacity. The start-up” […]

South Korea Supports The Auto Parts Industry By Setting a 500 Billion Won fund

South Korea Supports The Auto Parts Industry By Setting a 500 Billion Won guarantee fund (1)

The Korean auto parts industry is in a deep crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Korean government has finally helped the related companies. At a meeting of the Central Emergency Economic Countermeasures Committee on May 28, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Finance of Korea Hong Nam-ki said that the central government […]

Huawei Purchases Automotive Parts, and Ready To Make Complete Cars?

Huawei purchases automotive parts, and ready to make complete cars (2)

Recently, because of a public announcement, the topic of “Huawei making a car” was again detonated. On the evening of May 22, FULIN P.M. announced that it had signed the “Agreement for Purchase of Vehicle retarder ” with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huawei). The Company was identified as the supplier of […]

Will 3D Printing Replace Traditional Auto Parts Manufacturing Way?

Will 3D printing replace traditional parts manufacturing technology?

Latest 3D printing automatic parts dynamics Most recently, Tesla produced some of its automotive parts in 3D printing. As a new technology for component manufacturing, 3D printing can, to a certain extent, improve the efficiency and accuracy of parts manufacturing and reduce costs. Recently, with the effect of the pneumonia epidemic, there have been frequent […]