Aluminum Classifications

Aluminum can be divided into nine categories, also called nine series according to metal elements contained, the following step by step Introduction: The 1000 series:among them,1050 1060 1070 are the represent ones. 1000 series is also known as pure aluminum, which has the highest aluminum content in this series.the aluminum purity can reach more than […]

Hydraulic Braking | Definition, Components, Applications

Hydraulic Brake System Definition The hydraulic braking system is an integral component of modern vehicle safety. Hydraulic brakes use brake fluid, typically a type of oil, to create pressure when the brake pedal is depressed. The pressure causes brake pads to push against a brake rotor; this friction induces slowing and stopping the vehicle’s wheels. […]

What is a Universal Joint?Types and Function


Universal joint introduction: What is a universal joint? Universal joint, also called Cardan Joint is a mechanism for variable angle power transmission, used to change the direction of the driveline, which is an automotive drive system “Joint” parts. The universal joint combined with drive shaft is called universal joint drive. On vehicles with front-engine rear-wheel […]

Automotive New Technology Released By Fuyao Glass & BOE

Fuyao Glass Group and BOE Group sign strategic cooperation agreement 2

On 1 June, the Fuyao Glass Group and the BOE Group held a strategic signing ceremony in Fuqing, Fujian. Both sides will combine their industrial resources and technological advantages with strategic cooperation in the fields of automotive smart dimming glass and window display, jointly open up markets, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. As […]

What is suspension, and its use?

What is suspension, and what's its use

When it comes to cars, we often hear the word suspension. At present, the types of suspension include Macpherson suspension, Multi-link suspension, double-link suspension, etc. Today, let’s explain types of automotive suspension, as well as their characteristics: First, what is suspension? The suspension is the general name of all force transmission connection devices between the […]