Automotive New Technology Released By Fuyao Glass & BOE

On 1 June, the Fuyao Glass Group and the BOE Group held a strategic signing ceremony in Fuqing, Fujian. Both sides will combine their industrial resources and technological advantages with strategic cooperation in the fields of automotive smart dimming glass and window display, jointly open up markets, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Fuyao Glass Group and BOE Group sign strategic cooperation agreement
Jiang Bing-ming, vice president of Fuyao Group (left), and Liu Feng, senior vice president of BOEGroup (right), signed a strategic agreement

As a global leader in automotive glass design, development, manufacturing, supply and service solutions, Fuyao Glass Group provides customers with intelligent, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and more stylish automotive glass solutions that continuously enhance the happiness of the driving people;

BOE Group is the leading enterprise in the global semiconductor display industry. It has led China’s display industry to achieve from nothing to have, from small to large, from large to strong. At present, more than one-quarter of the display screens in the world are from BOEGroup. Microdisplay and other solutions have been widely used by well-known brands at home and abroad.

The strong cooperation between the two sides will further promote the ap

plication of smart Windows products in passenger cars and other fields.

With the development of IoT, AI, and big data technology, the two sides will also jointly expand the use of human-vehicle interaction, bringing innovative products and solutions with high value-added value to users worldwide in the transportation field.

Fuyao Glass Group and BOE Group sign strategic cooperation agreement 2
Zheng Mingsheng, president of the Fuyao Group Research Institute (first left), introduced Fuyao Glass products to Liu Feng, senior vice president of BOE (third left)

Liu Feng, Senior Vice President, Sensors & Solutions Group, said: Global information technology has begun to enter a new era of cross-border convergence and accelerated innovation, and sensors will play an important role as an important means of information interaction and as a major source of perceptive information. The strategic cooperation between the Fuyao Glass Group and BOE Group is a high degree of alignment between the strategic objectives of both sides and is another important measure for cross-border innovation.

Mr. Chiang Ping-ming, vice president of Fuyao Group, said: With the rise of new energy vehicles, 5G is gradually landing in the commercial sector, and the automobile industry is undergoing a transformation. The “four modernizations of automobile” of the automobile, which is the trend of “intelligence”, is building a new ecology of the intelligent transportation system. BOE Group and Fuyao Group already have deep technological accumulation in automobile glass, IOT (Internet of Things), and display fields. This cooperation will bring into playing the advantages of both sides, further promote the development of smart window technology, and continue to explore solutions to meet the needs of wisdom and comfortable travel.

Extend the boundary of a “piece of glass”.It has been the direction of Fuyao Glass Group to strengthen research on the trend of intelligent glass integration and to provide customers with more future-oriented automotive Windows solutions. At present, Fuyao has launched a variety of intelligent automotive glass technology products such as dimming glass, smart display glass, and head-up display glass.

Smart Dimming Glass

The condition of the dimmable film in the inner glass is controlled by the power supply and is adjusted between transparent and non-transparent, with excellent privacy protection, no need to install a blind, a variety of dimmable materials have been developed.

Smart display glass

Smart display glass

You can display text, pattern, charge ratio, contact phone, etc. on the glass, or you can use it as a screen to display personalized information, view images or movies.

Nano film HUD glass

Nano film HUD glass

In contrast to conventional head-up display glass, nano-film head-up display technology provides greater information display space in the front of the vehicle, allowing the driver to have more information about the vehicle’s travel. It can be combined with advanced automotive technologies such as ADAS to enhance the driving experience of the car owner.