Goforbrakes China is a professional factory of trailer parts series manufacturer and supplier,our main products are all from chinese market,only top quality that focus meeting American Standards.products covering:

Our factories have over 10 years experience in this business. Through 10 years steady development we have:

  • 20 technicians
  • Over 100 staff
  • Strong technical support and production capacity.
  • Widely sourced raw material, and strictly quality control through each step to guarantee qualified products.

Exported market including Korea,north America, Europe and Australia,.after years of cooperation experience with leading brands-like ALKO,DEXTER,we learned a lot and built our own quality control system, our aim is to make the top grade parts,quality guaranteed,and money saved.

Also,we have a well cooperated team,capable sourcing and QC staff, we are ready all the time,give you respond within 24 hours,all the things let us largely meet our customer’s purchasing need. provide cost effective products.

Thank you for your interest in GOFORBRAKES. Please feedback and let us know how we can help improve your business practices and processes with our solutions and services.We look forward in working with you!

Why choose us? –Our Advantage:

  1. Sourcing Ability: We are manufacturer, also have dozens of well cooperated companies that let us have the ability to source widely to choose the best cost-effective products for our customers.
  2. Professional: We have years of cooperation experience with famous axle/trailer companies from USA and German.
  3. Customer First:  Every order from our customers, we will go to the factory directly to check the order at least 3 times–beginning of the order, order production period and before shipment, we will take samples and take photos to check the quality and guarantee the delivery time.

Factory Structure

factory structure