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Project Description

kodiak USA calipercheap kodiak trailer caliperkodiak 225 caliperWhether you are a trailer manufacturer or parts retailer,we can supply you full range of high performance brake calipers for 3500LB to 14000LB axle with USA standards.we are manufacturer based company,provide you manufacturer direct parts at competitive prices,you will get them directly from us,maximumly save your cost,that is one of initial reasons we set up our case,you do not get what you exactly want on this product page,please leave us a message,we will try our best to serve you.

Our Calipers are provided assembly or separately,it includes following parts,which are available for you to buy:
Stainless steel guide bolts
Dual-port bleed screw
Stainless steel piston
Ceramic brake pads
calipers setbrake calipers from manufacturer
1.Cast Iron Material with great performance
2.Stainless steel pistons and guide bolts,give you increased braking torque and a shorter stopping distance.
3.Long-lasting, high-performance, Ceramic standard friction pads available to provide superior performance for consistent braking
4.Dacromet and stainless steel material provide excellent corrosion resistance for freshwater or saltwater use
5.Available axle rating:3000 lbs-14000 lbs

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